Monday, March 7, 2011

History Makes Us, We Make History

My Blue Garter girl friends continue to make history by having fun. Now we all are 70! What is next you ask? Well we know that we don't have to prove ourselves any longer. The rest of our life will be what we want to make it. Some of us are following the advise to "try something new every week." Elizabeth (Betita) Martinez reminds us to "Be yourself on all counts, without apologies."

Honoring our daughters, Amazing Attributes of Aging; Silly and Sacred Stories of Blue Garter Friends has become our message to our daughters. We see them as the next agents of leadership in our world. We have learned to listen, not just give advice as an elder. In our wisdom, two steps forward and one step backward is not the end of the world. It leads to new beginnings.

Join me in Sun City, Arizona, the Maricopa Library System's Bell Library located on 99 and Bell Road, for a Power Point documentary based on Amazing Aging. March 23, 1 PM in the North Conference Room.

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