Friday, June 25, 2010

Getting to Where We Want to Go

Confidently we are now moving into our second year after publication.

Amazing Attributes of Aging; Silly and Sacred Stories of Blue Garter Friends, the story of 50 years of Minnesota women's friendships is making its way around the globe warming the hearts of women and men young and old. Catalogued by the Minnesota Historical Society early last fall, we now are proud to announce that a selection from the book - titled "Laughing All the Way" by Mary Huntley- is reprinted in the May issue of the MSU alumni TODAY magazine.

Our thanks to the vendors who included our self-published book in their inventory in the past 14 months since its release. Amazing Aging is now in the hands of readers in 15 states, Canadian Provinces of British Columbia, Nova Scotia and the island nation of New Zealand. The book commands a "5 Star" Amazon rating, and Mary's piece is in the hands of 95,000 MSU alums.

Inspired by the reactions of our readers, Mary and I have developed an inspirational program titled "Friendships to Remember." Each humor filled presentation is based on quotations gathered from the book. Audiences from book clubs, senior centers, college classes and women's centers have acclaimed the power of the book's message. Friends are once again inspired to gather together in celebration of their history.

To schedule a presentation of "Friendships to Remember" or to order more books visit our website.