Thursday, July 29, 2010

WinePress Publishing for Christian Writers

Kathleen Luhrsen found WinePress to be an excellent choice for guiding her first book, Lord, Today I Choose to Live Life's Adventure to publication. The publisher's flexible contract allowed Kathleen to select her own editor, photographer, and layout designer. Paper weight, font style and color were especially critical to the unique style of this keepsake inspirational guide. WinePress has followed up the book's publications by means of a Fulfillment Service. Billed quarterly, this additional contract serves as an on-site warehousing distribution center. The book is now 8 years past publication and is available for purchase online at

A thoughtful poet, Kathleen is now at work on a new book. The first chapter shared today at my Stillwater, Minnesota "Scribblers" writers group meeting.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lauraine Snelling and Wendy Lawton

July 20, 2010 Upsala, Minnesota, a delightful town, perhaps the sister settlement to Lake Woebegone, played host to best selling author Lauraine Snelling and her agent Wendy Lawton. The town's public school (K-12) library comfortably accommodated a room full of authors young and old; local and long distance; male and female.

Successfully writing and marketing over 50 books, Lauraine charmed us all with her organizational system for researching. Staying with characters throughout an entire series of books has led her to develop an extensive outline for analyzing every aspect of fictional personalities until each "demands to have her story told." Snelling added, "In a romance novel, the only point-of-view to be conveyed is that of the main female character." A captivating saga contain at least 10 "cliff hangers," each more demanding than the first.

Wendy titilated our dreams by reminding us that Lauraine's formula has sold millions of books; thereby providing a stimulating and comfortable life style.

The Stillwater "Scribblers" are anxiously awaiting Wendy's critique of our own Stephanie's manuscript!

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

David Fabio's Latest Book

Thursday afternoons in Stillwater, Minnesota, the public library conference room is a buzz with laughter and conversation as the "Scribblers" test out their latest 1200 word compositions among kindred writers. Now into our second year of scrutinizing sentence structures together, I am proud to announce the publication of Search and Seizure by one of our most faithful participants. Author of self-published novels for teenage boys and a columnist for the Stillwater Gazette, Dave came upon the inspiration for his latest release a year ago. These past months clarity and accuracy have defined his manuscript as helpful comments focused a creative idea into an intriguing read. You will find Search and Seizure advertised by Barnes and Noble alongside Steig Larsson's trilogy. I am so proud! Mentoring aspiring writers as well as providing support for established St. Croix Valley writers these past two years has taken me to the top of the ladder as an teaching professional. More publications by Scribblers will be forthcoming in the near future.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Money Can Bring Love: Writing Brings Happiness

Robb Stein writing for the Washington Post this week summarized a new Gallup survey which some call the "first representative sample of planet Earth." Detailed questioning in 2005 and 2006 of 136,839 residents age 15 or older in 132 countries from rural villages to huge cities were asked to form an answer to the frequently asked question, "What makes people happy?" Their answer... money can bring happiness but the positive feelings of respect, being in control of your life and having friends and family to rely on in a pinch are the desired components of every society.