Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Prolific Self Publishers

Amazing Attributes of Aging; Silly and Sacred Stories of Blue Garter Friends, the book that Mary and I self published has opened up many contacts by young authors dreaming of being published.  In the past three years the popularity as well as the reality of self publishing has grown like Jack's bean stalk.  Yes, only the sky is the limit today. 
Writers are finding audiences using links from subsidy publishers to online resources to E-Books.  Gathering with a strong writing support group remains an important validation and inspiration to virgin authors. The following Stillwater, Minnesota authors, members of the "Scribblers" writing group announce their recent publications:
Bill Mac Donald - "Schatzheim" and Furrows In the Galaxy published by the Stillwater Gazette, 2009-2013.
Anita Buck, Before the Melons Ripen, manuscript in the author's hands
Michelle Huber -"Friendship, Fieldtrips and a Few Honest Words," an essay published in the Atheist Voices of Minnesota: An Anthology of Personal Stories, 2012
David Fabio - Search and Seizure, 2010
                        Secret of the Apostle Islands, 2011
                        Bayfield's Secret Notebook, 2012, all published by Avid Readers Publishing Group
Sylvia Grubb - Grandparenting a Child with Autism, published by Quill House Publishers, 2012
Stephanie Lambson - The Well, to be released this spring by Howard Books, a division of Simon & Schuster.  Her next title, Siloam, will follow in June 2014.
Ray Sinneck - Coma Toes, in the publication process